Christopher Li

I am an assistant professor of economics and political science at Vanderbilt University

My primary research field is political economy. 



Work in Progress:

Polarization and Policy Design (with Giovanni Andreottola) R&R at JPE: Micro

Hierarchical Control (with Greg Sasso and Ian Turner) 

Incumbent Performance and Electoral Control: a Comment (with Germán Gieczewski)

Grouptalk (with Brian Libgober) 

Electoral Intermediaries (with Jorge Gallego and Leonard Wantchekon)

Governmental Systems and Economic Volatility in Democracies  (with Chen Cheng, Giulia Venturini, and Weifeng Zhong)


Learning by Choosing: Career Concerns with Observable Actions  (with T. Tony Ke and Mikhail Safronov )  American Economic Journal: Micro, forthcoming

Dynamics of Polarization: Affective Partisanship and Policy Divergence  (with Daniel Diermeier) British Journal of Political Science, forthcoming

Dynamic Policy Sabotage  (with Germán Gieczewski)  American Journal of Political Science, 2022

Indirect Accountability of Political Appointees   Journal of Theoretical Politics, 2022

A Theory of Strategic Voting with Non-Instrumental Motives (with Ricardo Pique) Social Choice and Welfare, 2020

Partisan Affect and Elite Polarization  (with Daniel Diermeier)  American Political Science Review, 2019

Laboratories of Democracy  (with Chen Cheng)  American Economic Journal: Micro, 2019

Electoral Control With Behavioral Voters (with Daniel Diermeier)  Journal of Politics, 2017